Certified Hygienic levelling feet

All process industries are subject to increasing regulatory requirements, which increases the focus on ressource consumption, product safety and official hygienic certifications.

The 3-A, USDA and EHEDG certified levelling feet reduce the water consumption and cleaning resources in addition to minimizing the risk of contamination in the production. Choosing NGI’s certified levelling feet will hygienically enhance your machinery and your customer’s Return-On- Investment (ROI).

All certified hygienic levelling feet with fastening to floor are delivered with certified hygienic nuts..

NGI is ready to assist you in identifying the perfect levelling foot for your equipment.


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Certified hygienic levelling feet

The only levelling feet in the world hygienically certified by 3-A, USDA & EHEDG standards.

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Certified Hygienic Weighing levelling feet

The optimal fully-threaded choice for heavy machinery and equipment in diverse production environments.

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Certified Hygienic Seismic levelling feet  

Self-draining surfaces, sealed movable parts and no exposed thread secures absolute minimum cleaning and maximum product safety..

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Hygienic levelling feet

The classic hygienic-oriented design for machinery and equipment in diverse wet production environments. 

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NGI is able to deliver all necessary accessories, which ensures a quick and easy installation of the levelling foot.

In addition to supplying standardized accessories we are also able to supply customized accessories.

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